Job description for Senior Manager, Data, Devices & Home role at MTN in Accra

Date Posted: 65 weeks ago

Senior Manager, Data, Devices & Home

Employment Type - full-time

Employer's Proposed Salary - Not provided

Application Deadline - Not provided

Job Description

Core purpose of the Job:

To develop and implement companywide Data, Devices and Home segment strategy premised on an an end-to-end (E2E) device and data life-cycle management approach while innovating with both traditional and still relatively underexplored levers all pursued in tandem that results in a positive impact to MTN Ghana’s overall business objectives, profitability, and customer priorities.

Key Tasks
• Develop and implement an end-to-end device, data and home life-cycle management to secure significant financial benefits, customer lifetime value (CLV), cutting costs and by growing the top line through newer subscribers, increased loyalty and higher uptake of additional services and accessories.
• Develop and execute structures that ensure consumer affordability and promote customer stickiness.
• Develop short-and long-term plans and budgets for the unit’s activities including innovative ways to reduce the capital burden of smartphones, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate delivery of business objectives.
• Understand and develop sound financing options in-country to lower total cost of sales of devices.
• Review Data & Devices performance (along all defined criteria) and provide executive management with response actions in keeping in line with set business objective and goals and develop contingency plans as required to address shortfalls or excesses.
• Oversight responsibility for the home segment to drive the strategy and the commercial execution required to drive the channel activities to drive segment ambitions
• Remaking device portfolios/offers as a source of competitive advantage and developing next-generation partnership models with strategic OEMs underpinned by analytic based processes and “virtual vertical” models to marketing.
• Provide support initiatives that will ensure cost savings and reduction to drive EBITDA growth for the organization.
• Provide the relevant reports, analytics and insights for decision making. Develop market research programs with the Commercial performance and CVM teams.
• Develop value propositions and go-to-market strategy including acquisition, and segment positioning including value extraction through below-the-line customer value management.
• Develop strategies and champion customer centric culture across the organization and develop/reform relationships with MTNGH’s internal and external customers to transform MTNGH’s revenue.
• Drive planned strategy for successful delivery of MTN Group and MTNGH transformation initiatives
• Provide advice on governance and best practice in device & client experience.
• Provide input to strategic pricing guidelines, decision modelling, modelling tools and processes to enable decision making around data and device bundles
• Device and data proposition business plan input
• Work closely with CVM and Pricing teams to develop GTM plans
• Drive development and maintenance of operational/financial metrics and establish support models required to achieve them
• Conduct and report forecast/budget/contract/audit activity on a timely basis
• Identify opportunities for volume purchasing to obtain price breaks as applicable
• Develop and deploy campaigns that are consistent with the MTN vale propositions, to communicate the key benefits of consumer market product and services clearly and strongly.

Supervisory/Leadership/Managerial Complexity:
• Set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress and maintain motivation
• Manage performance of team.
• Identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions
• Responsible for Career management of team
• Input in hiring talents.
• Embed risk culture

Create an enabling culture and environment for team to deliver on business objectives

Creativities (improvement/innovation inherent)
• Business and strategic acumen.
• Stakeholder relationship management for value.
• Learning agility and an environment that is conducive for team development.
• Fiscal responsibility management for value and impact.
• Manage the relationship between strategic intent and execution.
• The ability to manage current technological evolution and integrate new revolutionary technologies in order to identify revenue-generating products to market.

Ability to combine diverse technologies in order to deliver workable revenue generating products to both the business and consumer markets.

• Degree in Technology, Commercial, Economics.
• Post graduate qualification and/or certification in a related field an advantage

• 8 years Data & Devices Management experience.
• Technology, OEM sales at the leadership level an advantage. A minimum of 5 Years at Managerial Level with exposure to Data & Devices management
• Proven experience in strategic partnerships management, marketing management, market research, sales and channel management

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