Job description for UX Developer Intern (HTML & Tailwind CSS) role at Pessewa in Remote

Date Posted: 67 weeks ago

UX Developer Intern (HTML & Tailwind CSS)

Employment Type - internship

Employer's Proposed Salary - Not provided

Application Deadline - Not provided

Job Description

Pessewa is hiring an HTML/CSS Specialist to collaborate closely with our in-house Design and Engineering teams to facilitate the handoff between visual design and implementation.

The Role

Our workflow involves three steps. Designers hand off mockups to the UX developers who then give styled templates to engineers. Traditionally writing HTML and CSS was the responsibility of designers or engineers, but with the rapid growth of HTML5, CSS3 and Tailwind, we believe that there needs to be a role within the team solely focused on those technologies.

As a UX Developer - You will work closely with our in-house R&D teams on exciting new technologies. In addition to that, you will be challenged with helping drive the creation of web applications and solving interesting problems regarding accessibility, browser compatibility, standards compliance, and responsive design.

The ideal candidate is one who perpetually seeks to sharpen their HTML skills, is fluent in Tailwind, and stays up to date on emerging web standards. Pessewa UX Developers continuously strive to achieve clean, semantic, accessible markup.


* Own the HTML & Tailwind CSS development of modern web applications

* Assist in scoping, estimating, and planning for projects, in collaboration with the team lead.

* Participate in work review, pairing, or other forms of knowledge sharing.

Must Haves

* Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, and Tailwind CSS

*Demonstrate proficiency in translating design into code
Understanding of industry best practices

*Comfortable developing outside of any CSS frameworks (no Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.)

*Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Ability to communicate effectively in English

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