Job description for Elementary Teacher role at American International School in East Legon

Date Posted: 50 weeks ago

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Elementary Teacher

Employment Type - full-time

Employer's Proposed Salary - USD($) 1500 - 2500 a month

Application Deadline - Not provided

Job Description

Contract Length: 3 years

Number of Vacancies: 5

Student Level:
Early Childhood, Elementary

Eligible Candidates:
Licensed Teacher


Education Required: Bachelor

Minimum Teaching Experience: 2 years of teaching experience

Major: Elementary Education

Required Certificates:
Teaching Credential/License

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a growth mindset, high collaboration skills and the ability to teach with high rigour while differentiating for all learners. The interview process will require a copy of lesson plans and a video of an engaging lesson teaching students.

Job Benefits:

AIS is truly an international school. Located in the heart of tropical Africa where 0 latitude meets 0 longitudes, AIS hosts 40 different cultures and languages. There are many benefits for joining our team: An amazing and loving collaborative community of staff local and repatriation health insurance provided for staff and up to three family members and, in country paperwork is fully paid by AIS. But even greater is an incredible teaching journey that you will value for the rest of your career.

Job Description:

Enthusiastic, full time, experienced elementary teacher who has an aptitude for mentoring students between the ages of 5 and 11 years old. Pay is competitive with area schools. Expat benefit package includes housing, health, repatriation insurance and work permit fully paid by AIS. Early childhood or elementary experience and schooling is required. AIS has a strong professional development philosophy and a mentor system for newer teachers. If you have a passion for teaching at the elementary level then we would love to have you join our team.

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