Job description for Instructional Designer role at Ashesi University in Berekuso

Date Posted: 15 weeks ago

Instructional Designer

Employment Type - full-time

Employer's Proposed Salary - Not provided

Application Deadline - Not provided

Job Description

Ashesi's mission is to propel an African renaissance by educating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders. Located in Ghana, this private, non-profit university combines a rigorous multidisciplinary core with degree programs in Computer Science, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, and Engineering. A student-led honour code, integrated community service, diverse internships, and real-world projects prepare students to develop innovative solutions for the challenges facing their individual communities, countries and the continent at large.

Role Summary
The Instructional Designer will report to the Provost, and support faculty in designing and implementing strategies that produce greater learning outcomes for students in our current blended learning environment. This role involves supporting faculty in the development and/or redesign of course curriculum and learning materials recommending appropriate technology and guiding faculty in its use and evaluation of learning materials (in tandem with a subject matter expert) to ensure alignment with course learning objectives. The Instructional Designer will create training materials such as manuals and teaching guides that provide directions to faculty and help to create a more engaged learning experience for students.

Reports to: The Provost

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Instructional Designer will perform the following duties:

1. Support faculty in creating engaging learning activities and compelling course content for eLearning
2. Work with faculty to identify student’s teaching and learning needs in a hybrid / blended learning environment
3. Analyse and apply trends and best practices in learning technologies and instructional design to support faculty content development.
4. Recommend exercises and activities that enhance the learning process.
5. Create an Instructional Design repository to store training and supporting material/media (audio, video, simulations, role-plays, games, etc.) for teaching and learning
6. Devise modes of assessment for respective disciplines, such as tests or quizzes, to measure course effectiveness

Minimum Requirements
1. Bachelor’s or graduate degree in Instructional Design, Educational Technology or similar fields is required. Experience with Universal Design is of additional value.
2. Familiarity with the quality matters standard, e.g.: assessment & measurement, course technology, learning activities and learner interaction.
3. Previous working experience in instructional design for a minimum of 2 years is preferred.
4. In-depth knowledge of learning theories and instructional design models
5. Lesson and curriculum planning skills for hybrid/blended learning environments, and in-person teaching
6. Basic HTML and Flash programming knowledge. Other alternatives are welcome
7. Visual design skills (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
8. Ability to write effective copy, instructional text, audio and video scripts
9. Ability to work in a deadline-oriented environment and manage multiple projects simultaneously while adhering to prescribed deadlines.
10. Proficiency in using the Microsoft Office Software suite (i.e., MS Word, SharePoint, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook).
11. Comfortable with learning new technology tools for information gathering and sharing ability to instruct/assist others in use of these tools e.g., Canvas (Learning Management System) Student Information System, other web-based software.

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