Job description for Graphic Designer role at Ashesi University in Berekuso

Date Posted: 16 weeks ago

Graphic Designer

Employment Type - part-time

Employer's Proposed Salary - Not provided

Application Deadline - Not provided

Job Description

Ashesi's mission is to propel an African renaissance by educating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders. Located in Ghana, this private, non-profit university combines a rigorous multidisciplinary core with degree programs in Computer Science, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, and Engineering. A student-led honour code, integrated community service, diverse internships, and real-world projects prepare students to develop innovative solutions for the challenges facing their individual communities, countries and the continent at large.

Role Summary
Directly responsible for the overall design and illustrative/graphic /visuals for use in Academic Affairs narrative reports, course catalogues, presentation slides, handbooks, catalogues, research proposals, scholarly work and professional journal. The designer will serve as principal coordinator for graphic productions and work collaboratively with staff in the Provost Office, Prof. Adei Studio for Research Excellence and/or contributing authors to realise a final product.

Reports to: Assistant Director - Prof. Adei Studio for Research Excellence

The graphic designer will be on retainer to support with:

1. Reviewing research proposal narratives to include graphics, charts and any graphic requests by PIs .
2. Typeset final reports for all grants and sponsored programs and other academic affairs reports (technical and non-technical)
3. Coordinate all administrative aspects of production, including preparing final designs for presentation, text format separations, and scaling images for print production.
4. Prepares layouts, designs, art work and formats for use in publication and /or exhibition design
5. May coordinate relationship with vendors preparing specifications and obtaining estimates for final approval.

6. Performs related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Graphic Designer Fine Arts preferred.
A degree holder in Communications, Computer Science or related disciplines with a vast portfolio in the creative arts will be considered for this role.

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