Job description for Head of Retail - Urgent role at Vodafone Ghana in Accra

Date Posted: 19 weeks ago

Head of Retail - Urgent

Employment Type - full-time

Employer's Proposed Salary - Not provided

Application Deadline - Not provided

Job Description

We are searching for a capable Head of Retail to join our passionate team at Vodafone Ghana in Accra, Accra.
Growing your career as a Full-Time Head of Retail is a fantastic opportunity to develop productive skills.
If you are strong in decision-making, adaptability and have the right mindset for the job, then apply for the position of Head of Retail at Vodafone Ghana today!

Role Purpose
• The Head of Retail is responsible for the formulation of the Retail transformation initiatives to bring Retail a new exciting future.
• They will be ultimately responsible for Retail operations through planning, directing, and coordinating with the various Retail divisions in delivering consistent and exceptional customer experience and exceeding Retail sales targets.
• Duties and responsibilities include formulating operating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources.
• Lead for Vodafone Ghana in terms of best practice sharing across all Opco’s and strive for continuous improvement and innovation at process and procedure level within the shops

Key Accountabilities and Decision Ownership
• Responsible for the Vodafone Ghana Retail Strategy & Retail roadmap
• Responsible for the Retail P&L
• Provides leadership to the Vodafone Ghana Retail Team across the country
• Owns Retail Stores roll out decision and accountability & works with S&D GM to deepen customer point of presence
• Consistent Customer Experience across all retail touch points & works with Head of CXX to achieve this through CXX KPI’s, Governance
• Responsible for driving Digital Retail Experience in our footprint & through our people
• Responsible for training, coaching & Performance Management of their teams
• Responsible for daily reconciliation of funds and stocks
• Review financial statements and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity, goal achievement, store profitability & efficiency
• Establish and implement departmental operating policies or procedures, goals, and objectives, conferring with other department heads, organization officials, and staff members as necessary
• Determine staffing requirements, and train new employees, or oversee those personnel processes
• Negotiate services contracts, i.e., Security, Maintenance & Repairs, Supplies, etc. as required and submit to the Director for approval
• Manage and monitor multiple projects that involve new business expansion or improvement of existing business-Opening of New Stores – ensure that all related legal documentations have been secured, i.e., municipality permits, lease agreements, etc. and all administrative issues have been completed, i.e. water, electricity, etc. & Closure of Stores – ensure all assets have been accounted for and secured ensure that the lease agreements have been cancelled liaise with municipality office regarding deactivation of water, electricity, and other related activity in the closing of the premises

Core competencies, knowledge, and experience
• Exceptional people management skills & stakeholder management skills
• Excellent Customer Service & Demonstrate Customer Empathy
• Experience in understanding data sources and using information to execute and plan for commercial performance
• How to run plan and organise teams for operational excellence
• Exceptional communication, presentation, influencing skills and stakeholder management, up to Director level
• Driver of Change within organisations

Technical /professional qualifications
• Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Business or Marketing with 8 years of significant experience in Sales and Retail Management
• At least 3 to 6 years solid experience operating in a result focused commercial organization, with at least 4 years solid experience in a leadership role for a large division or organization

Benefits of working as a Head of Retail in Accra, Accra:

● Excellent benefits
● Company offers career progression opportunities
● Attractive package

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